Biography Ulrike Maria Muehlbachler

Born: December 30, 1963 in Freistadt / Upper Austria.

Painting is Ulrike Muehlbachler´s passion since her childhood and she created some respectable artwork as a child and in her teenage.

As the youngest of four children there was no chance to visit a High School or a University this time and Ulrike joined the professional tailor business at the age of 15.

In 1985 she moved from Freistadt to the City of Salzburg and run into Austria´s first international Jazz-organist T.C. Pfeiler. He soon realized Ulrike Muehlbachler´s outstanding creative talents and suggested to give up the behatet tailor job and check out the possibilities as a free lancing fashion- designer. After only ten hours of basic instructions she was ready for her new job. It was the first step into a new artist´s life.

This time Ulrike startet to play tenor-saxophone but gave up after a few months. In 1992, Ulrike Muehlbachler and T.C. Pfeiler moved from Salzburg first to Herzogenburg / Lower Austria and later to Maria Lanzendorf / Lower Austria, close to the City of Vienna. Ulrike took private lessons from a international and well known Austrian painter. Acrylic became her first love now.

Orders for paintings from international operating companies came in more and more. In 1995 Ulrike Muehlbachler´s first internet art gallery was established with great success.

In July 1999 Ulrike and T.C. Pfeiler moved back to Salzburg.

Ulrike worked still as a free lancing fashion-designer. With the help of T.C. Pfeiler she established Tonewheel Records, a special label for Hammond Organ Jazz. She became T.C. Pfeiler´s personal manager, photographer and she produced most of his live recordings and videos.

Much too much for Ulrike: In December 1999 a perlious breakdown pushed her down for months.

Summer 2001: Ulrike Muehlbachler was back again with new energy and full of motivation. As a extremely fast learning person she became T.C. Pfeiler´s drummer for special music projects after a number of serious drum-lession.

Powerful acrylic paintings reflected Ulrike´s new life engery. A new, very own style came up and was called soon "Neo-Kubism". Breathless, never before seen dream worlds, falling lines, endless dimensions and once again the universe, drenched with the spirit of the new millenium. A new mythos?

Enthusiastic reactions from all over the world: Ulrike Muehlbachler was the trendsetter for a new way in contemporary fine arts.

November 2006: Ulrike Muehlbachler & T.C. Pfeiler moved Tonewheel Records Studio Lounge temporary from Fuerstenbrunn near Salzburg to Hohenbrunn, Bavaria, near Munich = Tonewheel Records Studio Lounge2.

Ulrike starts to compose music: Another, new discovered side of her enormous creativity.

Her compositions are radically new without any compromise.

 A new photo art comes up, sometimes totally reworked through computer software plus macro photos.  

April 2009: Ulrike Muehlbachler & T.C. Pfeiler moved back to Salzburg / Austria again.

By the moment, Ulrike works on very detailed acrylic and ink paintings. As well as completely contrary paintings and graphics -  minimalistic style.

As an author, she writes about mother nature´s elements and phenomens. With music, composed by her partner Prof. T.C. Pfeiler.

Every Ulrike Muehlbachler artwork is pure personal feeling!


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